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Do you have a broken VERB?
Do your PREPOSITIONS hurt?
Are your CONJUNCTIONS swollen?
Are you in a SUBJUNCTIVE mood?
Do you have a dislocated OBJECT
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Student Comments
What did you like most about this course?

“After the first class, I was able to speak Spanish in sentences!”
“Feeling more confident.”
“The instructor and assistants made the class enjoyable.
“I like the materials, especially the tapes to hear the Spanish
spoken properly”
“The way it is organized is very good.  You can say things to
people in Spanish right away.”
“Easy method for fast learning.  Repetition was very good.”
“I appreciated the repetition – it was very helpful and also all the
writing helped me.”
“Good materials, good teacher, and assistants.”
“Very organized, very easy to understand and fun.”
“Well organized, fast paced and very good course materials.”
“Well organized, educationally sound material plus teacher is easy
to understand.”
“Maestro, his assistants, and the home study material.”

Other Student Comments:

"I learned a lot.  I wasted my time seven years here in P.V. listening
to friends tell me I should only 'practica'.  I could learn on my own.  
Had I found Maestro Cortés and this course, I believe I’d be
speaking like a national by now.  What I don’t retain from this
course is solely my fault.  I have, however, been inspired by
Maestro Cortés and assistants to take the next level after a short
sabbatical.  I intend to review this entire course until then and
practice on my neighbors and friends."

"The fact that I looked forward to doing my homework indicates how
much I enjoyed the course!"

"I enjoyed and appreciated the structured way of learning.  El
maestro and his assistants were knowledgeable and helpful.  El
maestro went out of his way to provide me with requested
information outside of class.  I feel I need to make the material we
covered my own.  I want to get the Second Level workbook and
prepare for the next class el próximo año.  Muchas Gracias!  Me
gustan las clases!"

"Thank you so much for making the class so enjoyable.  I really
didn’t expect to learn so much in such a short period of time.  It was
a pleasure to come to class."
Spanish School Vallarta